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Speech to Text Recognition Software

Admin / January 19, 2022

Voice or speech recognition software can increase productivity. In addition, it can be beneficial for people with visual or physical disabilities. Before you buy a program, check your computer to see if the manufacturer has preinstalled speech recognition software.


Programs such as Nuanace's Natural Dragon Speaking can be purchased from office supply stores. However, now Windows 7 comes with a speech recognition program. With a Macintosh computer you can try MacSpeech dictation. Cnet offers freeware and shareware speech recognition software programs as well.


Speech recognition software converts spoken words into a word processing program. Speech recognition software can also allow users to control all of the computer's functions with their voice instead of using a keyboard or mouse. Companies design editions of different software for home and business.


According to Nuance, the average person types only 40 words per minute, but can speak 120 words per minute. Therefore, speech recognition software allows people to finish documents much faster. Also, speech recognition allows those with special needs to access computer functions despite visual and physical limitations.

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Speech recognition software requires a special microphone. Low quality microphones may not recognize speech correctly which will decrease accuracy and productivity. Jeremy Moskowitz, a Windows XP expert, recommends that the microphone be powered by batteries or a USB connection. Matiz maintains a directory of microphones and headphones that works with your programs.


Before you use a speech recognition software program, you have to train it to recognize your voice. To do this, you can set up a personal profile in the speech recognition program and follow all the instructions on the screen to complete the profile process. Some programs like Dragon Natural Speaking also allow users to customize their vocabulary to optimize usage. The initial profile setup should take only 30 minutes. However, Larry Magid, a CBS news correspondent, reports that the accuracy of the software improves by using the program and that within a week of regular use most programs operate with approximately 99% accuracy.